Eat with your eyes

When we were on holiday in Mexico a few weeks ago, we had this beautiful outdoor setting for one of our dinners.  I loved the way they had taken individual flowers and arranged them so prettily.

Creating an attractive setting really helps with your enjoyment of a meal.   This is particularly important if you aren't feeling hungry as a result of treatment like chemotherapy or something like that.  If you are in that situation, see if your partner/friend can help encourage your appetite by making things look pretty and inviting.  Even putting a vase of flowers on the table can make a difference, or some candles....

Remember, we first eat with our eyes, then our noses and finally our mouths - so stimulate your eyes first, and the rest will follow!  Make the environment attractive, both the setting and how the food is arranged on the plate.


Shining Light

We spent Christmas and New Year in Mexico a couple of years ago, in San Miguel de Allende.  We had a wonderful time there with family.  While we were there, we bought some colorful stars as decorations.  We just put them up at home this year for the first time.  They bring such brightness and joy to the room.

So today, I want to spread some shining light and send brightness and joy to all those who aren't doing well this Christmas season, especially to:

  • all the families and friends affected by the CT deaths
  • my family and friends who are in hospital at the moment - Uncle Dave and Diane - and their loved ones trying to support them
  • our friends overcoming or going through illness
  • our friends in anguish and sadness
  • and to all those that need our love and support right now

When I drove home last night, the moon was a crescent shaped smile. I couldn't stop looking at it - a shining smile to light the world.

Spread some light today. We could all do with some.